Montrium Connect

Connecting people, processes and technology through collaborative and compliant workspaces

Montrium Connect is a series of dynamic workspaces that are based on Microsoft SharePoint™ Technology, engineered specifically for the life sciences industry. These workspaces are focused on the management of clinical research & development, pharmaceutical manufacturing and medical devices.

With a range of solutions that span records management, quality management, systems management and clinical process management, Montrium Connect will save you time, money and effort allowing you to allocate your resources on other mission critical activities.

Montrium Connect - Solutions for Records, Quality, Clinical and Systems Management

Montrium has designed these collaborative workspaces through years of expertise and research, and has a strong focus on facilitating collaboration between operational teams across organizations while ensuring compliance. Montrium is continuously improving and adding to the modules available in our workspaces based on our customers feedback.

Multiple options to access Montrium Connect gives you the flexibility you need, on time and on budget...

Montrium Connect allows you to focus all of your management processes in one place, giving you the ability to replace a multitude of separate applications with one single fully functional 21 CFR Part 11 compliant solution that can result in a dramatic cost saving, reduced risk as well as a rapid time to benefit. Montrium Connect can be accessed through the Montrium Cloud or can be deployed on premise. Our solutions are preconfigured and pre-validated which allows you to implement them in a fraction of the time that traditional systems take. Contact us for a demonstration to learn more.

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