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Nonprofit organizations at the Heart of Clinical Advances

Nonprofit and Academic researchers, groups and institutions play a key role in todays clinical trial environment as they are on the front lines of successful clinical programs while keeping strong focus on patient outcomes and ultimately improving patient lives. Making sure that investigative staff can focus more on patients and less on administration is our priority at Montrium. We have built solutions which facilitate the record keeping obligations of clinical sites and academic groups as well as tools to facilitate the management of trials and clinical programs.

We Know What’s Important to You. 

Our team has real-life experience in working within a nonprofit environment and understand that objectives, focus and resources are different from those of industry. We have developed solutions, services and a business model which is aligned to nonprofit organizations’ realities. Our tools can be used to manage clinical programs from investigator-initiated studies to groups of multi-centric global studies.

  • Manage eTMF for single or multi-site studies
  • Improve communications and collaboration among all stakeholders
  • Improve quality and traceability
  • Improve Document Collaboration

Our Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations

Our solutions have been built with nonprofit organizations in mind. They work together to provide a complete regulated content and records management solution which is easy to implement and get up and running within your organization so that you can realize the benefits quickly.

eTMF Connect

eTMF Connect – The Smart Way to Manage TMF Content

Montrium’s proven eTMF Connect solution helps life science companies better manage their clinical trial documentation. It has been designed using the TMF Reference Model, and centralizes and standardizes your clinical records enabling both sponsors and CRO’s to contribute and access important clinical documents and information in real-time.

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RegDocs Connect – Automate the Creation of Submission-Ready Content

RegDocs Connect gives your operational and regulatory teams the tools they need to prepare complete and compliant submission ready documents and records. Built with the end user in mind, collaboration, automation and quality are the foundation of this solution.

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SOP Connect Automate the entire lifecycle of your controlled documents

SOP Connect – Automate the entire lifecycle of your controlled documents

Montrium’s SOP Connect module is designed to manage all controlled documents that form part of your quality system. Easy access, centralized distribution, intuitive workflows and strong integration with our Training Connect module ensure that quality and compliance are at the heart of your operations.

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Training Connect Facilitate the planning and completion of GxP Training

Training Connect – Facilitate the Planning and Completion of GxP Training

Training Connect facilitates the planning and completion of SOP or regulatory training. An integrated training matrix coupled with intelligent form technology allows you to track and manage employee training more efficiently, ensuring that you meet all training requirements.

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CAPA Connect Centralizing and Empowering Continuous Improvement

CAPA Connect – Centralizing and Empowering Continuous Improvement

CAPA Connect is an integrated deviation, incident and CAPA management solution which allows you to manage all of your quality events in one central location. CAPA Connect has intuitive forms and workflows which adapt based on the type of quality event being managed.

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