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Without any direction around changing your current system for Office 365 and getting your team accustomed to the change, it’s easy to become lost in the details. This Toolkit will help you keep your vision and overarching goals in mind during the transition to use Office 365 cloud services in a way that consistently brings value to your organization.

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To kick-start your move to Office 365, we evaluate Microsoft’s standards and practices, and ensure Office 365 services are in line with your needs and expectations. This Toolkit takes you through a set of deliverables to produce a Compliance Assessment Report with reference to applicable regulations.

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Designed around the GAMP 5 risk-based framework, this Toolkit minimizes the time and effort teams must put into validation of SharePoint online for GxP content management. We work with you to adapt the documentation templates to produce evidence that the system is compliant and fit for its intended use.

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By defining roles, policies, processes, and responsibilities between the customer and Microsoft, the Governance Toolkit helps puts in place a robust governance plan for Office 365. The plan is complemented by action items and training needed to manage and control your GxP records and maintain system oversight.

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Our comprehensive automation approach will capture your requirements and identify opportunities to optimize efficiency through automation. The Toolkit provides a pre-defined plan and deployment scripts to free your organization from repetitive tasks and relieve time and resources dedicated to manual business processes. 

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To ease the transition to Office 365, this Toolkit has been designed to migrate large quantities of GxP content into a validated cloud environment. We carry out the migration plan with automated scripts and produce migration documentation to align with your requirements, business processes, and applied regulations.

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What is a Toolkit?

A Toolkit consists of pre-defined project phases and service activities engineered to accelerate your transition to the cloud. Each Toolkit comes with a set of Document Template Packs that can include specifications, procedures, test scripts and supporting deliverables designed to facilitate each project. Montrium experts customize and execute each Toolkit according to your specific business needs and regulatory requirements.  

Each Toolkit comes with a document template pack that can include:

  • Specifications

  • Procedures

  • Test scripts

  • Supporting deliverables

Nic Betts

Director Enterprise Solutions & Digital Strategy at Cyclerion

From Our Customers

“Montrium’s Professional Services team helped us with regulated content migration and we are using their Connect product extensively. As an essential and trusted partner during our separation, Montrium ensured our content maintained its compliant status while moving from one Office 365 tenant to another. With millions of raw data points spanning across our internal teams, it was essential to bring on an experienced team like theirs who have a unique understanding of where the regulatory and technology environments intersect. I’ve worked with Montrium for several years and strongly believe they don’t just deliver a solution, they partner to make their solutions and their engagements a success.”

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