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Partnerships are an essential part of today’s clinical and drug development environment. With the level of flexibility and responsiveness required by trial stakeholders only increasing, CRO’s must now look to technology-driven partnerships to gain the edge and maximize their impact. The clinical environment now demands higher availability and an increased focus of collaboration, something that cannot be achieved with traditional outdated technology.

Montrium has developed the CRO Partner Program specifically with CROs in mind. The CRO Partner Program enables Contract Research Organizations to leverage Montrium’s powerful Electronic Content Management to add value to their service offerings. This program gives CRO’s the opportunity to offer core technological solutions such as eTMF to their sponsors with minimal upfront investment. These tools also allow CROs to collaborate and communicate with sponsors electronically. Working on study documents or providing access to study milestone dashboards becomes a breeze, making a positive impact on the time and expense associated with running a clinical trial.

It’s more than just a partnership

Our CRO Partner Program has been designed to deliver a fully supported solution that responds to the IT and software needs of research organizations. Deliver increased value, at a lower cost while freeing up time to focus on your core clinical service offerings. By partnering with Montrium, you can combine your service offerings and expertise with a leading technology platform that will allow you to provide a truly full-service solution to your customers.


Integrate our solutions into your business offerings to deliver added value to your clients. Building relationships with a preferred solution provider give you peace of mind when building your client base.


We regularly collaborate with CRO Partners on press releases, blog articles and webinars to increase the visibility and awareness of their organization. Gain industry spotlight and credibility within your niche.


As a CRO Partner, you’ll gain access to demo videos, information sheets, RFP support and dedicated sales & marketing materials that will help you win new business.


Our CRO Partner Program enables your organization to receive special pricing as well as volume discounts that will decrease your costs, and increase your ability to add value to your offerings.

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