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More than just a dashboard, the Regulatory Navigator is an intelligent and flexible workspace that brings submission planning and tracking with document authoring and collaboration.

Whether you’re creating documents, managing dossiers, tracking product registrations or managing interactions with the regulatory agencies, the Regulatory Navigator allows regulatory teams to quickly identify all available, expected, in-process or missing submission documents by products, regions, countries, applications or sequences.

Centralizing submission planning with content creation significantly increases the speed, efficiency, agility and compliance of your regulatory team—allowing you to get products to market faster.

Navigate Through All of Your Submissions

Users can navigate across hundreds of thousands of regulatory content from a single centralized location, enabling them to quickly identify all available, in revision or missing content. You can navigate through your submission by product, region, application and sequence or by eCTD Module and Section making it easy to see subsets of regulatory content quickly and intuitively.

  • Modify Document Metadata Interactively

  • Navigate Your Regulatory Structure Intuitively

  • Find Regulatory Content Through Dynamic Filtering and Search


Build Out Your Submissions with a Global View

Whether you’re creating a submission from scratch or following an existing template, populating content in the navigator is effortless. Users simply select the document types for the application they’re looking to create and the Navigator automatically generates the submission structure for them, creating placeholders for the documents you’ll need to complete that specific submission.

  • Create Submissions from Pre-Defined Templates

  • Pre-Defined Submission Structures for Each Region

  • Know What Documents You Need with Pre-Populated Placeholders

Add Documents to a Regulatory Submissions

Add and Reuse Documents in Any Regulatory Submission

Sharing documents across applications and sequences is also a breeze, allowing you to easily push documents to multiple sequences in one easy action. Simply create the submission you need, and add content from RegDocs Connect in just a few clicks!

  • Select Active Submissions and Add Content Easily

  • Reuse Existing Content from other Applications in your New Submissions

  • Apply Metadata to Classify New Documents that You Include


Manage Commitments and Regulatory Correspondence with Confidence

With the Regulatory Navigator, it’s easy to stay on top of your regulatory activities, including communications and follow-ups with health authorities. You can now distribute health authority commitments to your team, then follow-up on progress from directly within the navigator, adding correspondence and additional information as your team receives it.

  • Store and Manage Correspondence with the Regulatory Agencies

  • Assign Commitments to Regulatory Staff with Ease

  • Be in Complete Control of Your Regulatory Communications

Regulatory Communications Management

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