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Training Connect facilitates the planning and completion of SOP or regulatory training. An integrated training matrix coupled with intelligent form technology allows you to track and manage employee training more efficiently, ensuring that you meet all training requirements.

Training certificates are generated and the record is filed automatically for easy retrieval during an audit or inspection. Our comprehensive training reports allow you to identify and fill any training gaps. Training content can also be managed and distributed and employee knowledge can be assessed through online quizzes. Strong integration with our SOP Connect module triggers training tasks as controlled documents are updated; sending notifications to employees and managers when training is required.

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Perfect For

  • Pharmaceutical Organizations
  • Contract Research Organizations
  • Manufacturing Organizations

Built to

  • Centralize employee training globally
  • Easily identify training gaps
  • Schedule, track and report on your employee training activities

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A Complete Training Records Management Tool.

Regulatory Document Versioning

Manage Training Records 

Training records are automatically generated and can be easily retrieved or exported during audits and inspections

Integrated Training Matrix

Our integrated training matrix allows you to define who needs to be trained on what based on job roles

Automate Training Tasks

The system can automatically schedule training for trainees and provide them with training tasks to complete

Create Ongoing Training Quizzes 

The built-in quiz functionality allows you to define training quizzes, allowing you to demonstrate trainee understanding

Dashboards, KPIs and Reports

A series of dashboards and reports allow you to keep tabs on training and ensure that everyone’s training records are complete

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Coordinate Training Activities Efficiently 

Automate Training Tasks

Our training workflow engine automatically allocates training tasks to trainees based on job role

Organize Refresher Training

Our system monitors training dates and can automatically generate refresher training tasks for regulatory training courses

Setup Global Training Courses

Setting up courses is easy with our intuitive forms technology. You can decide how often training needs to occur, define qualified trainers and associate training materials

Schedule Training Activities Electronically

Setting up classroom based training is easy. You can schedule courses and training rooms and have the system identify trainees for you based on course pre-requisites

Training Management Dashboard

Centrally Manage Your Training Matrix

Coordinate Training Activities with Matrix

Course Management

You can set up and manage courses easily though an intuitive course form, allowing you to define all of the parameters for a particular course in one place

Training Material

You can upload or hyperlink to training material such as presentations, videos or documents for trainees to review. Links to these materials will be automatically sent to trainees

Revision Control

You can manage revision control for courses that are defined for controlled documents so trainees are always following the correct course for a particular revision of a controlled document

Role Based

You can define job roles and allocate these roles to job descriptions. Once you have done this you can allocate roles that require training to particular course

Training Management Dashboards

Identify Training Gaps

Our advanced reporting allows you to identify training gaps on the fly. Advanced filtering means you can produce training gap reports for individual or departments or for specific courses

Store Evidence of Training

All training is formally documented as records and can be viewed in real-time in the on-line reports and dashboards

Individual Training Dashboards

Individuals can pull up their training records and planned or scheduled training whenever they want, making it easy for each employee to plan their training and ensure they are compliant

Export Training Transcripts

Full training transcripts can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel for presentation during and audit or inspection or for transferring to third parties

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Identify gaps with employee training automatically
Before implementing SOP Connect and Training Connect from Montrium, our process was manual, inefficient, and archaic. Since then, the process has become streamlined, resulting in increased productivity, organization, and positive results through multiple successive audits from various regulatory authorities.
Greg Gross, ASO Corp

Packed Full of Other Functionality

Mobile Notifications

Training tasks are accessible through our mobile friendly interface or in your mobile inbox

Upload Training Media

Upload and automatically distribute any training media such as presentations, videos, documents or websites

Centralized Matrix

Centralized job role based training matrix to easily define who must be trained on what

Reporting & Dashboards

Intelligent and dynamic real-time reports and dashboards make managing training programs and compliance simple

Digital Signatures

Digital Signatures

Integrated 21 CFR Part 11 compliant digital signatures can be used for signing of training records

SCORM Compliant

SCORM training content can be uploaded and distributed in Training Connect

Web Application

Montrium Connect is 100% web based and is accessible anytime, anywhere without the need to install software

Automatic Reminders

Automatic training reminders are sent to trainees and trainers when training is due or overdue

Training Quizzes 

Ensure that trainees have fully understood through the use of documented online quizzes

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