Montrium Connect Platform

The pharmaceutical landscape is undergoing significant change in the way that it works, and a new collaborative and agile business model is emerging. This model consists of diverse teams who all play specific roles in the drug development and manufacturing paradigm. These teams need to collaborate effectively together in one central place, and to do this, a new set of tools is required. 

Montrium Connect, a collaborative platform for managing regulated content, processes and compliance in the life sciences has been engineered to satisfy this new business model. With powerful and intuitive navigation, enhanced user experience, dynamic content management and search features, users can collaborate on and access the information they need, easier and faster.  

Montrium Connect Platform

We've created a group of truly collaborative applications, built to not only provide it's user with an unparalleled system experience, but also provide your organization with a powerful and dynamic solution that can grow as you grow. The Montrium Connect Platform has been designed to integrate and connect all of your business needs under one roof, centralizing your data, reducing risk of duplicate records and increasing your operational efficiency.


Why is Montrium Connect different?

Connected & Integrated Enhanced User Experience Find Information Faster
Montrium Connect is an all-in-one document & quality management platform. That means all of your tools are in one place, working together, so your users, customers and partners get a seamless experience throughout. Most management applications treat its users the same. Montrium Connect takes intuitive design to the next level with Smart Navigation. Users only see what's relevant to them, removing noise and reducing time spent navigating.  Accessing the right information that you need faster is paramount. With the integration of powerful search features, advanced metadata tagging and smart indexing, find the information you need, when you need it.





The Montrium Connect Platform supports, and is the underlying baseline for the Connect Applications for Records Management & Quality Management. These applications are as follows:

Quality Management

Montrium has designed its Quality Management system (QMS) to enable Life Science companies to tackle the quality challenges that they face in content management head-on. All of our Quality Management modules can be used independently or together as a fully integrated quality management system. These modules are available as part of our Montrium Connect Platform and can be deployed on premise or in the cloud. 


Montrium's Records Management solution was built with industry challenges in mind. It leverages the various standards and models available to provide a familiar and easy-to-use environment for managing all of your regulated content. By leveraging our out-of-the-box life sceince configurations, you can get started with our Records Management solution quickly and with minimal effort. 


Core Features & Capabilities


Automated Workflows

A range of dynamic workflows have been pre-built to push content through its lifecycle. Tasks can be assigned based on business rules, leading users through various processes in the system. Integrated for email notifications, and in system tasks, the workflow engine allows users to dynamically interact with tasks in real-time.

Reporting and Dashboards

Business intelligence and key business metrics can be accessed and exported from a powerful reporting engine native to all applications. Simultaneously view data across the enterprise, trending and tracking in one place.

Drag & Drop Functionality

Batch upload and download with easy to use drag and drop functionality. Integrated with Windows Explorer, simply drag the documents you need classified from a folder on your desktop or elsewhere on you PC.

Versioning Management

A core functionality of Sharepoint is the ability to maintain a historically accurate archive of every saved version of a specific document, form or activity, that has ever been created or saved. 

Digital & Electronic Signatures

Montrium integrates a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant signature solution from ARX CoSign to be able to digitally sign records. Content can be digitally signed from within SharePoint to embed a legible, portable and compliant digital signature.

On-Demand Training - New! HelpCenter

Interactive Videos, Step-by-Step guides and FAQ's make our help center an on-demand training workshop for any user. Material and Content has been developed to lead the user through processes within the system through hands-on training.



Montrium Connect Deployment Options



Ready-to-use Applications for Emerging Growth Companies

Enterprise Hosted

  Fully Configurable Enterprise  Applications Managed in your own Private Cloud  

Enterprise On-Premise

Montrium Connect applications deployed within your existing IT infrastructure  

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