We are Montrium

Our Mission

In plain words: why do we exist

Montrium believes that life sciences organizations deserve solutions and services
 that are as modern, well-designed, easy-to-use and accessible as the ones we use in our personal lives. We also believe that this type of engineering and design can be achieved without compromising compliance or increasing costs.

Our mission, from day one, has been to improve the way life sciences organizations manage regulated content and compliance through innovation in technology and a strong focus on process improvement. Our electronic content management platform (ECM) is intended to help life sciences organizations maximize the effectiveness of their operations and improve compliance and traceability by connecting up all stakeholders to one central, intuitive collaborative platform, Montrium Connect.

Our Mission, in the words of our CEO…

Our Story

How it all came together

Montrium was founded in 2005 as a result of a simple observation: regulated electronic systems were difficult to use, took too long to implement, cumbersome to maintain, and failed to facilitate collaboration.  This realization led Paul Fenton to create an organization with one clear vision: to re-engineer the way we collaborate and work on regulated content in the life sciences. As the group grew, Tevin Pathareddy and Michael Zwetkow joined the executive team in an effort to expand in-house expertise surrounding GxP processes, collaborative technology, and regulatory compliance.

In 2007, Montrium started leveraging Microsoft SharePoint to develop a dynamic, powerful and intuitive platform for document and quality management. The goal of this platform, today known as Montrium Connect, was to transform the way users manage regulated content while focusing on minimizing the need for custom development, configuration, and validation. As improvements were made to the platform and features were added, the team was able to significantly reduce the time it took to deploy these solutions, allowing our clients to realize the benefits faster. We continue to optimize our platform and it’s delivery today, developing new solutions and tools to support the ever-changing pharmaceutical drug development landscape.

Our Culture

What makes us great to work with

It’s really the people that make Montrium the kind of company it is. We recruit the smart and the passionate, and then give them the independence they need to grow and excel. Our success comes from great team work and exceptional individual efforts, so rewarding collaboration and ‘thinking outside the box’ is something we strongly believe in. Although our team members share common goals and visions for the company, we come from varied backgrounds and cultures, speak multiple languages and celebrate diversity.

Our culture is one of the biggest reasons our customers love working with us. To learn more about our culture, jump on a call with a member of the team soon.

Our Core Values

We understand that in order for our organization to be successful, we must provide the greatest value to all of our stakeholders.  This includes our customers, team members, partners and our community of followers. At the foundation of what we do everyday are some very important core values that support our pursuit and mission.

Always Deliver Quality

Allow Room to Innovate

Respect The People We Work With

Develop and Strengthen Talent

Everything We Do Should Generate Value

Keep It Simple