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Montrium’s cloud-based quality management software is built for scaling quality teams and is trusted by thousands of quality experts around the world.

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Discover the Quality Connect platform

Built for the growing life science organization

Quality Connect is a powerful quality management software designed for growing teams in the life science industry. An integrated suite of feature-rich modules provide intuitive functionality to manage and improve quality and compliance processes, all while keeping your users happy. Explore the key components of the platform that users vote as the most flexible quality management system available on the market.

Document control managementComing Soon

Digitize paper-based processes and streamline the development of standard operating procedures and other quality documentation all from an easy-to-use interface.

Training managementComing Soon

Get real-time oversight on GxP training gaps, and ditch tedious Excel trackers and manual follow-ups with our real-time training management system.

Incident & deviation managementComing Soon

Centralize and manage customer complaints, deviations, non-conformances, and other quality issues—from report to action—with full control.

CAPA managementComing Soon

Speed up corrective and preventive action (CAPA) management and closeout with automated process management, tasks, and notifications. Continuous improvement never felt this seamless.

Change control Coming Soon

Reduce the burden of change management in your organization with complete oversight and traceability from start to finish.

Audit management Coming Soon

Effortlessly manage the planning, conduct, and tracking of audits and their actions to make audit management and readiness a core part of your team's DNA.

Vendor management Coming Soon

Ensure that vendor documentation and supplier lists are managed, efficiently tracked, and easily accessible.

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Improved traceability & transparency
Reduction in redundant data
Automated quality processes
Understand the overall health of your quality system
Distribute up-to-date policies and standard operating procedures
Increase the visibility of quality assurance
Collaboration &
Visualize accurate & real-time information

FAQ on our QMS software

What is QMS software?

Quality management system software—or QMS software—is a type of software that acts as a central hub for overseeing all your quality and compliance operations. While the features can vary from vendor to vendor, most eQMS software enables you to manage critical areas such as document management, training management, complaint management, non-conformance management, corrective and preventive action (CAPA), change control, document control, supplier management, and more.

What are the benefits of QMS software?

Investing in a quality management system provides significant, concrete benefits from the outset. Such benefits include the creation of audit trails, collaborative authoring, simplified review of documents, automated notifications, intelligent workflows, compliance with industry standards and more. All of these benefits serve to increase compliance and increase the efficiency of your quality operations.

How long does it take to implement Montrium's QMS software?

The eQMS implementation process can vary in length, depending on a number of different factors. It comes down to considerations such as the size of your organization, your IT department’s validation process, the amount of existing quality documents that you’ll need to transfer to the system, and others. For more information about how long eQMS implementation would take your organization, please reach out to our team.

What kind of software will I need to install to access Quality Connect?

None! You can access Quality Connect directly from any web browser. Thanks to our cloud-based enterprise quality management system, all your information will be available to you anywhere and from any device.

Can Montrium's QMS software be customized to my needs?

All of our quality management modules can be configured to your unique use case. Customize document management workflows and adjust employee training management all from one easy-to-use interface. Quality Connect is the QMS software of choice for growing teams who are looking to increase operational efficiency on a budget.

How does Quality Connect help with compliance management?

Managing compliance can be a complex endeavour, made more difficult by the lack of clearly-defined processes and robust employee training management. Quality Connect not only provides the tools you need to reduce risk, improve quality data and achieve ISO regulatory compliance, but it can also help you get your products to market faster.

How does Quality Connect improve document management?

Through a series of robust workflows, you'll be able to streamline the drafting, review, and approval of quality documentation all while ensuring your quality assurance team has full control. We'll even provide you with a direct integration with Microsoft Word so your teams can work on document management in a development tool they're familiar with.

Is Quality Connect a cloud-based quality management system?

All of Montrium's products are completely cloud-based, providing your teams with access to tools they need to manage documents, quality issues, employee training management, and customer complaints directly from a web browser.

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