Regulatory Affairs

Streamline your regulatory processes & get products to market faster 

Trusted by thousands of regulatory professionals globally

Top regulatory affairs leaders leverage Montrium to hit their goals

Streamline author productivity 

Gain visibility into your entire team’s activity and drill down into individual submissions

Improve collaboration with external stakeholders, local affiliates, and partners

Diagnose exactly what might be impacting timelines

Monitor dossier development 

Ensure documentation is moving forward as planned

Identify potential blockers that may impact milestones earlier

Leverage insights to adjust submission plans

Plan & adjust regulatory strategy 

Get a holistic view of your global regulatory efforts

Manage and monitor your regulatory portfolio

Leverage insights from previous submissions to adjust regulatory strategy

When initially uploading documents and comparing them to the system’s placeholders aligned with the DIA’s TMF Reference Model, right away we could see in the eTMF Connect Navigator what was effectively complete, any documents we were missing, and any titles that needed to be named differently.

Gina Varner

Director of Regulatory Affairs

Packed with tools for the entire regulatory team

Submission readiness reporting 
Correspondence management 
Commitment tracking 
Global submission planning 
Collaborative editing and reivew
Automatic task distribution
Native integration with MS Word
Tracked changes, redlining, & comments
Submission templates & structures
eCTD viewer for submitted sequences
Content portability to publishing software 
Full audit trails & version control 
Submission readiness reporting 
Global view of regulatory activity 
Product and indication database 
Submission archive 

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