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The intelligent ECM platform for scaling life science  organizations

All of your regulated content & data under one roof

Montrium is built for companies looking to scale. With a modern interface that’s designed to be easy to use from day one, we provide a series of tools you can implement quickly at a fraction of the cost of traditional regulated content management platforms.

While we continue to lead the field of enterprise content management software in user experience, we’ve also packed our platform with a whole lot of muscle under the hood. With an AI-powered tech stack, modern authentication, innovative content management and iron clad security, you’re most important asset is safe with Montrium. 
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Giving your CRO teams a strategic advantage
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Allowing drug and device sponsors to level up
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 Our intelligent suite of ECM software

The Montrium enterprise content management platform has been engineered from the ground up to provide the foundational systems and business process automation your organization needs to scale drug and
device development. Designed and delivered with a building block methodology, select the tools that you
need in your ECM software roadmap today and add as your organization scales.  Our platform provides all the intelligent information management functionalities you need to automate business processes and streamline your document management activities.

Montrium eTMF (eTMF Connect) 
The industry’s most powerful eTMF 

Startup more studies, faster than ever. Get the eTMF that’s simple to setup and easy to use, with a built-in workflow that increases compliance. Streamline author productivity and document captureDitch paper documents and manage TMF electronicallyCustomizable workflow management

Montrium QMS (Quality Connect) 
The QMS built for scaling organizations

Meet the QMS system that re-defines simplicity,  giving you all the functions of an enterprise quality system without the added clunkiness. Built-in workflow managementStreamlined document managementCentralize multiple departments in one place

Montrium RIM (RegDocs Connect)
Regulatory submissions software made easy

Regulatory Submissions Software made easy Speed up submission readiness while getting more visibility in to the status of regulatory activity. Get the RIM platform built for leaner regulatory teams and transform your process. Intelligent automation for submission buildingAligned with common electronic formatsReduce regulatory compliance risks

Built with remote teams in mind

Business process management with geographically dispersed teams can be challenging at the best of times. With remote working conditions here to stay, your teams need tools like ECM software that are specifically engineered to empower people to succeed from their home offices. Montrium has been developed to always centralize work on regulated content in one place with one version of the truth.

Looking for a solution for your remote team? 

Core capabilities of our ECM platform

 What you’ll get with every Montrium application 

Rapid configuration & implementation

We’ve designed a tried-and-tested implementation process that streamlines configuration, training, and validation of your ECM software.

Secure management of regulated content

Secure incorporation of all users - internal and external- with dynamic access control security model 

Baked-in best-practices & standards

Montrium is configured with industry best practices and standards in mind. Whether you align to GCP, GMP, GLP or others, our enterprise content management platform has you covered.

 Native integration with Microsoft Office

 Work in applications your teams are familiar with and leverage out-of-the-box functionality with Montrium 

  Industry-leading customer satisfaction & experience

Working with Montrium is like gaining an extension of your team. We work tirelessly to ensure you have everything you need to be successful with Connect 

Iron-tight regulatory compliance

With decades of quality and regulatory compliance experience, we’ve designed Montrium to meet the industry's evolving regulatory requirements 

Global scalability & performance

Drug and device development is an international process, which is why we engineer our products to empower global organizations with collaborative records management tools 

Control of access over your organization

Secure incorporation of all users - internal and external - with dynamic access control security model

 Costing that won’t break the bank

We pride ourselves on being able to provide some of the most competitive ECM platform pricing in the industry

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 Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) 

Here at Montrium, AI isn’t just a buzzword, it’s the central nervous system that powers our applications, kind of like a brain. Whether it’s reducing manual data entry, identifying compliance risks or increasing quality, the AI technology powering our ECM solution is revolutionizing the way our customers manage regulated content and data, taking our content services platform to the next level.

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