The #1 training management system for scaling life science companies

Make training your teams a strategic advantage with role and event-based training software that is easy to setup and even easier to maintain. It's time to say goodbye to those outdated Excel trackers and the stacks of dusty training logs sitting on your desk.

GxP training management made easy

Our flagship training management software delivers a clear and user-friendly interface that enables you to grow your training programs without growing your workload. Let the system do the heavy lifting for you, automating the distribution of tasks and documentation for training, scheduling training in for new hires, and reporting back to you in easy-to-use dashboards and reports.

Centralize training activity in one system

Managing training programs without the proper toolset is the #1 reported burden of quality teams within life science organizations. Whether you’re coming from a mix of paper forms and Excel spreadsheets, or legacy systems no longer fit for purpose, Montrium’s training management software will allow you to refocus on training excellence and put training administration on autopilot.

Empower training managers to onboard new team members or internal promotions faster with automated role-based training.

Centralize the distribution of training activity across your company based on an intelligent training matrix.

Connect SOPs, WIs and policies to training courses, pairing seamlessly with other supporting material like videos, presentations, documentation and other files.

Create an intuitive and user-friendly learning portal with engaging courses that minimize your team's learning curve.

We’ve seen results in the form of reduced costs, time, and effort relative to training and documenting training. This was previously tracked with Excel spreadsheet training logs. Quality Connect allows one employee to manage the trainings and SOPs.

Maryann Böger

Clinical Systems and Quality Manager

A training manager's mission control

Save time by automating manual training management processes and simplifying everyday tasks. Say goodbye to frustrating Excel trackers and manual email reminders. It’s time to take employee training to the next level. Our training management software does away with the common administrative burdens that most training managers face, making space for improving employee performance.

Course management

Create interactive courses and map to existing job roles with just a few clicks. Pack courses with a range of training content, procedural documentation or instructional videos that trainees actually enjoy completing.

Automated training matrix

Put training management on autopilot. Automatically distribute training activities based on role and job title, accelerate re-training, and make onboarding new hires a breeze.

Out-of-the-box reports

Leave your rusty Excel trackers pivot charts behind. We've packed our software with all of the reports you need to evaluate training data and employee performance, delivered out-of-the-box.

Built-in archive

All of our tools have a built-in records center to store final records in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11. Yes, you can finally get rid of that metal filing cabinet blocking much needed daylight in your office.

Collaborative learning

Modernize your training management process with best-in-class tools that improve training compliance and promote collaborative learning.

Automatic notifications

Manual email reminders to complete training are now a thing of the past. Let our training management software do the heavy lifting in distributing tasks, notifications, and customizable reminders.

Tackle compliance and competency challenges head-on

Create a culture of compliance with key features to ensure you’re complying with the regulatory requirements. Our intuitive user interface makes onboarding employees and auditors a breeze, and giving your quality leadership the structure and organization they need to tell a better quality story.

Training gaps reporting

Report on training to identify and mitigate any training gaps ahead of an audit or inspection.

21 CFR Part 11 eSignatures

Ensure your records are compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 compliant digital signatures.

Embedded training quizzes

Evaluate the proficiency of your employees with multiple choice training quizzes featuring required passing grades.

Robust compliance training

Integrate both non-regulated and regulated training in one central online platform with easy access to metrics in both parts of your business.

Real-time progress data

A complete and compliant online training platform that captures real-time training completion information and takes tracking employee training compliance from headache to happy place.

Full tracking & audit trails

Never update a row of data manually again. Montrium will track every action users take in the system serving it up in useful reports ready for an audit.

Other important capabilities

Training materials library

Keep all of your e-learning materials in one place thanks to centralized content management.

Records center for archiving

Easily keep track of all quality documents with a digital records center designed to make archiving a breeze.

Access on any device

Enjoy the freedom to access your information securely from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Flexible dashboards & reports

Flexible dashboards and exportable training reports help to ensure that you're staying consistently audit-ready.

Native integration with M365 & Office

Seamlessly connect your quality environment to your operations with native Microsoft 365 and Office integration.

Google-like search & retrieval tools

Make finding and retrieving documents as simple as looking up a nearby restaurant with Google-like search tools.

Integrated with document control

Automate the distribution of retraining tasks when critical SOPs, policies, and work instructions are updated.

Built-in PDF conversion engine

Speed up file conversion and avoid third party tools by leveraging a built-in PDF conversion engine.

FAQs about our training management software

What is the difference between training management software and a learning management system?

Training management software or training management systems are designed to automate the distribution of training activities, and in the context of life science organizations, they also ensure that training records are appropriately managed in compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements and your procedural documentation. Most modern training management software like Montrium's training modules also include reporting functionality to facilitate training tracking, monitor training processes, and evaluate real-time training data.

A learning management system is similar to an employee training management software in that these tools combine functionality to facilitate training, but focus more on the learning management aspect. Learning management systems focus on developing learning paths and often allow users to develop more detailed curricula and interactive training programs but lack the functionality to support managing training records that comply with the regulatory requirements.

Is virtual instructor-led training supported in Montrium's training management software?

Montrium's employee training management software supports a wide range of training programs to meet your training management needs. In addition to traditional online training or read-and-acknowledge training, we also support the ability to create training programs that include instructor-led training or classroom-based training components.

Can I manage classroom based training sessions within Montrium's training software?

Managing classroom based training sessions is just as easy as setting up autonomous training in our training management software. Capture key details regarding the location, trainer, and training needs in easy-to-use digital forms. Then, automatically distribute these training courses based on job role and job title with just a few clicks. Whether you're setting up instructor-led training or capturing training that was completed externally, you have a set of powerful tools at your disposal to track and manage employee training the way you want to.

What are the different types of training materials I can manage?

When you're looking to construct the best training process, you need the flexibility to manage, store and distribute all of the different types of training materials your employees need to consume to become qualified. In addition to being able to instruct trainees to consume procedural documentation like SOPs, work instructions and policies, you can also distribute other files to support employee training. The following is an example of some of the many different types of training materials you can manage in Montrium's training management software:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Supporting Word documents
  • Video files
  • SCORM files
  • URLs to useful websites or online courses
  • Regulatory guidance documentation
  • + much more

How easy is it to build a training program for my team?

We've engineered our training management software to significantly simplify training management and administration. Training managers can create courses based on job role and associate any quality documentation like SOPs, work instructions and policies, as well as other training material and quizzes. Once you've created your course, you can begin distributing training tasks for your new employee training courses.

How do I evaluate training progress or learner progress in Montrium's training management software?

Through a series of built-in dashboards and reports, training leaders can evaluate trainer progress and overall training data in real-time. Drill into specific employee training records or look at completion at the business unit, department and course completion levels.

Is Montrium's training management software validated and compliant?

Yes. All of our modules, including the training management software, have been engineered to meet the applicable regulatory requirements in addition to having been rigorously tested and validated for your piece of mind. We provide our customers with full evidence and traceability of the validation and verification efforts we perform, as well as handing you one of the most comprehensive set of validation templates available on the market.

Can I use Montrium's training management software for customer training?

Customers leverage Montrium's training management software for a wide range of use cases, including managing and tracking training for both internal and external resources. Whether you're looking to deliver compliance training to internal staff, or looking at training companies that you partner with, our training management tool can support you. With built-in access and permission management, your training leaders and internal HR professionals are in complete control of course creation, deciding which training content is distributed for internal employee training, and which training courses are for external suppliers, partners or customers.

Connects to our other
QMS applications

Document Control Module

Make manual paper filing and excel trackers a thing of the past

Training Management Module

Get real-time oversight on training gaps and ditch tedious excel trackers and manual follow-up

Incidents & Deviations Module

Centralize and manage all quality events from report to action with full control.

CAPA Management Module

Centralize and manage all quality events from report to action with full control.

Change Control Module

Reduce the burden of make managing change in your organization with complete oversight and traceability

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