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Document Control Lifecycle Management for SOPs and Quality Documents


SOP Connect is a document control solution designed to manage all controlled quality documents that form part of your quality system. Easy access, centralized distribution, intuitive workflows and strong integration with our Training Connect module ensure that quality and compliance are at the heart of your operations.

With SOP Connect, you can create, review, approve and make effective any quality related document with ease. Built-in version control, unique document numbering, document status management, change control and complete audit trails allow you to be in complete control of your document management process. Integration with our other quality modules ensures that everyone is properly trained on controlled documents and that quality events can be crossed referenced.

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Keep the heart of the quality system beating

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and other controlled quality documents are at the heart of the quality system within life sciences organizations. Ensuring team members have easy access to effective SOPs is critical to ensuring ongoing quality and regulatory requirements are met. SOP’s must be managed in a controlled and traceable environment and must be well organized and up-to-date. It’s important to structure your quality documents this way so as to ensure that the correct revision is being used at the correct time for the various regulated processes that we are required to manage in our organizations.

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SOPs and Work Instructions are at the heart of the quality system

Perfect For

  • Pharmaceutical Organizations
  • Contract Research Organizations
  • Manufacturing Organizations

Built to

  • Manage the entire lifecycle of controlled documents
  • Automate quality document review and approval
  • Easily initiate training on SOPs

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All of the tools you need, in one solution

Create New Quality Document Electronically SOP Connect

New Document Creation

Create controlled quality documents from templates or upload existing documents directly into SOP Connect

Revise Quality Documents including Batch Records and SOPs

Revise Quality Documents

Electronically manage the revision and review of existing documentation within SOP Connect

intelligent document review and approval workflows

Review & Approval Workflows

Reduce document review and approval time with interactive parallel reviews and digital signatures

Automatically Trigger GxP Training Activities when Quality Documents are Revised

Automatically Trigger Training

Define training requirements for each document and automate training tasks when they’re updated or revised.

Review Quality Documents Periodically

Review Documents Periodically

Easily set periodic review dates to automatically initiate the periodic review process. 

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Your document control process. Centralized.

SOP Management Document Dashboard

Version Control

Automated document versioning allows you to roll back to previous versions while also ensuring that the current version is always being used

Template Management

Centralized template repository allows you to store and centrally publish controlled document templates, ensuring everyone is using the latest template available

Audit Trails

Detailed audit trails and document activity logs allow you to see a full document history including who’s viewed the document and the current document status.

Digital Signatures

Integrated 21 CFR Part 11 compliant digital signatures allow your contolled documents to be signed electronically directly within a workflow task, completely eliminating paper.

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Collaborate simultaneously in one document.

Simultaneously Edit

Strong integration with Microsoft Word means that authors and reviewers can collaborate together on documents and see each others edits and comments in real-time.

Real-time Communications

Integration with Microsoft instant messaging Tools such as Skype for Business allows authors and reviewers to communicate with each other interactively from directly within the document or within SOP Connect.

Collaborative Review

All reviewers are able to review the document in parallel and view each others comments and changes, significantly reducing review cycles and time

Consolidate & Save

Consolidation of changes and comments has never been easier as everyone is working within the same document. This allows document owners to not only reduce duplicates but also quickly put together the final draft of the document.

Integration with Microsoft Word facilitates Collaboration