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HungaroTrial Chooses eTMF Connect to Maximize Efficiency and Modernize Operations

HungaroTrial Chooses eTMF Connect to Maximize Efficiency and Modernize Operations

Market-leading CRO HungaroTrial has adopted eTMF Connect to optimize clinical research

MONTREAL, CA, 22 June, 2021 - Montrium, a leader in cloud-based software solutions for life sciences, today announced that HungaroTrial, an independent CRO operating throughout Central and Eastern Europe, has selected eTMF Connect to serve as its certified in-house eTMF management software.

With over 20 years of experience managing phase I-IV clinical trials, HungaroTrial has established itself as a market leader in the Central and Eastern Europe region. Seeking to provide its sponsors with a modern and efficient document management system, HungaroTrial is now leveraging Montrium's extensive industry experience to optimize clinical operations by adopting eTMF Connect as its software of choice.

HungaroTrial decided to partner with Montrium in order to benefit from eTMF Connect's functionality, user-friendliness, and advantageous pricing structure. These elements will allow HungaroTrial to offer its clients an innovative and streamlined in-house eTMF management solution for all future clinical trials.

Having managed hundreds of clinical projects across an array of different therapeutic areas, HungaroTrial understands the need for agile software that can be adapted to the specific demands of each trial. Of the many features that will enable HungaroTrial to continue to excel in a competitive research environment. Clinical Research Manager Dr. Mátyás Pethő pointed to several unique aspects of eTMF Connect that are highly valuable to CROs. "The filing, indexing, and quality control of documents in eTMF Connect can be performed in a straightforward fashion, and the eTMF structure can be tailored to study-specific requirements," said Dr. Pethő.

"Not only is eTMF Connect a significant tool for sponsors' trials, but it is also a modern approach for maintaining essential clinical trial documentation by HungaroTrial, as we are able to provide a high-quality, clean, transparent, up-to-date document management system to our clients, which greatly increases work efficiency," stated Dr. Pethő.

To the delight of stakeholders, Montrium's prompt and professional onboarding process has already allowed for the implementation of eTMF Connect in its inaugural project at HungaroTrial, laying the foundation for what promises to be a fruitful partnership in years to come.

"We are incredibly excited to be working with HungaroTrial and helping them to offer their sponsors a robust, accessible in-house eTMF management system that will decrease administrative burden and drive productivity. We look forward to continuing to support HungaroTrial as it tackles important clinical research projects," said Oliver Pearce, Director of Commercialization at Montrium.

Additional Information

For more information, please visit: www.montrium.com and www.hungarotrial.com.

To learn more about how eTMF Connect can improve your clinical trial operations, please visit www.montrium.com/etmf-connect.

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About Montrium

Founded in 2005, Montrium is one of the leading providers of cloud-based collaborative content management software to the life sciences industry. With experience in serving over 200 life science customers in 20+ countries, Montrium is committed to delivering an unparalleled customer experience to emerging growth organizations as a true technology partner. Montrium has offices in Montreal, Canada, and Brussels, Belgium.

About HungaroTrial

HungaroTrial was founded in 1999 and became the CEE region's leading independent CRO, providing phase I-IV clinical trial services in Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Poland, Ukraine, Belgium, and Russia, mainly for US and Western European sponsors. HungaroTrial's full-time local staff includes 12 MDs of various specialties, more than any other independent CRO in the region.


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