By popular demand, we’re bringing back eTMF Bootcamp in 2022! Our five expert-led sessions will help train the next generation of TMF professionals and ClinOps leaders on some of the most crucial topics in the field. As a registrant, you will receive not only a wealth of learnings about all things TMF, but also a certificate to add to your LinkedIn page.

eTMF Bootcamp 2022 sessions:

Session 1:
TMF Fundamentals: An Introduction to TMF Management Best Practices
January 27, 2022 @10 am EST

Session 2:
Master the Regulation: A Crash Course in TMF Regs, Standards & Models
February 16, 2022 @10 am EST

Session 3:
TMF Metrics 101: What You Should Be Tracking and Why
March 9, 2022 @10 am EST

Session 4:
Agile TMF: The Data-Driven TMF Process of the Future
March 30, 2022 @10 am EST

Session 5:
A TMF Migration Concierge: Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve TMF Quality
April 21, 2022 @10 am EST